Street Date:
October 18, 2016
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Product Overview
The Bible Stories: Jesus follows the life and times of the most important figure in Christianity. This epic drama follows the son of God from his humble birth to his final days as a martyr. Jesus traces his journey as simple carpenter to spiritual leader, philosopher and finally a martyr.

During his journey, Jesus of Nazareth must over come many obstacles, including the death of his earthly father Joseph, temptation by Satan, and betrayal by his disciple Judas. Throughout it all, Jesus shows love and compassion, performs incredible miracles and finally makes the greatest sacrifice for the salvation of mankind.

Starring: Jeremy Sisto, Debra Messing and Gary Oldman
Demo: Family with kids 13+ and Christians
Genre: Family/Religious
Prod. Year: 1999
Rating: NR
WS/FF: WS 1.78:1
Runtime: +/- 176 minutes
Language: English, Spanish
Subtitles: Yes
Marketing Highlights
  • Star-studded cast, including Jeremy Sisto, Debra Messing, Gary Oldman and more!
  • Newly Restored and Remastered From High Definition Sources!
  • Very popular release - over 150k units sold!
  • Jeremy Sisto’s Twitter has 23k followers. Debra Messing FB page has over 446k likes, her Twitter account has 293k followers.
  • Bible Stories releases have been scheduled throughout 2016 and 2017 to keep the brand alive and active the entire year.
  • Perfectly timed for Christmas.
  • Faith-based movies are incredibly popular. Recent release War Room grossed over $50MM at the box office!
  • Emmy-nominated for Outstanding Miniseries.
  • The most iconic story and important person in Christian literature is brought vividly to live in this movie.